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Nick's simple meditation how-to guide for people who want to learn to meditate, but think they can't. 



More than just a book, Meditation for the Real World includes: 

  • a 40 page meditation instructional guide

  • an audiobook

  • a meditation journal

  • Nick's five deep breath meditation

  • Nick's gratitude meditation 

  • Nick's countdown meditation

  • Nick's mindfulness meditation

  • It's EVERYTHING you need to get started meditating right away. 


  • I don't have time to learn to meditate
    • Yes, you do! This entire program can be completed in an afternoon. 
  • I won't be able to meditate on my own
    • You won't be meditating on your own! I've included guided audio tracks so that you can take my sultry meditation vocals with you wherever you go. 
  • I know NOTHING about meditation, will this be enough to get me started? 
    • This guide includes everything you need to get started meditating. There are simple, clear instructions, tips and tricks for dealing with your mental gymnastics, and multiple meditation styles for you to try. Plus, in case you have questions, you get access to my private email to ask questions about what you're experiencing. 
  • I've tried meditating before, and it didn't work. How is this different? 
    • Too many meditation programs focus on the philosophy of meditation with no practical application for people living everyday lives. This one is the opposite. It's made for busy people who need relief from real world pressures like work and family responsibilities. 
  • I'm super stressed right now and need an emergency meditation-- will this help? 
    • Yep! Just follow along with the easy to use instructions and you will experience stress-relieving, overwhelm reducing meditations in a day. 
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