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Nick's Daily Meditation Group

Meditation for people who need help meditating.


Meditation works best when you practice every day, but for most of us, meditation is a "once in a while" thing. With The Mindful Hustle Daily Meditation Group, you get peace, calm, and purpose delivered to you every single morning, and you give yourself the dedicated time and space to become your most peaceful, loving self with meditation.


It doesn't matter if you are new to meditation, the guided practice will help you start meditating right away, and the daily email will hold you accountable to your new practice. 

7 Day Free Trial

Join the group and get 7 days of worry free meditation 

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5-10 minute daily practice

Receive a daily email with a guided meditation and teaching every morning

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Get help from nick when you need it

Hit reply to the daily email and Nick will help you on your meditation journey

Live A Happy Life

Join the community, meditate, and feel good every single day.


  • Why do I need to meditate every day? 
    • Daily meditation is more beneficial for your brain, it makes meditation easier, and it helps you live the principles of mindfulness in your life. You will find that little things bother you less and less, and that you can live from joy and gratitude more easily. 
  • I know NOTHING about meditation, will this be enough to get me started? 
    • The daily program includes everything you need to meditate with the community each morning. Nick guides you through the entire process, from goal setting all the way through what to happen if negative thoughts come up. The daily practice will be the BEST way for you to learn to meditate, and to make meditation into an impactful part of your life. 
  • How do I know I'm ready for daily meditation? 
    • If you are asking the question, the answer is yes, you are ready. The goal of any meditator, no matter their experience level, is to meditate every day. When you have a daily practice, the peace, calm, and positivity you feel with sporadic meditations will become available to you every single day, your brain will literally start to change, and you will be able to enjoy life more fully. 
  • I've tried meditating before, and it didn't work. Will this work for me? 
    • Too many meditation teachers focus on the philosophy of meditation with no practical teachings about what to do when things go haywire during a meditation. With The Mindful Hustle, Nick uses simple meditation styles that anyone can follow, and he provides useful teachings that can be utilized during day to day life. He specializes in working with beginning meditators, and his practices are designed so that beginners and experienced meditators have a positive experience.​​
  • What type of meditation does Nick teach? 
    • Nick utilizes mindfulness, gratitude, and "countdown" meditation styles. All of the meditations are guided, and utilize varying degrees of guided visualization. 
  • I have trouble with technology, is the meditation going to be hard to access?
    • The meditations will be delivered daily via email, making them simple to access. Every morning, you will get an email from Nick with an invitation to meditate. By simply opening the email and clicking play, you will be able to meditate. 
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